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Letter: Citizens must demand repeal of NY SAFE Act

Citizens must demand repeal of NY SAFE Act

I don’t ever recall when an issue, proposed by a few lawmakers, has been so successfully bulldozed through the State Legislature as the NY SAFE Act. Resolutions against the law have been enacted in nearly all New York counties. The voices of the majority must be heard on this issue and the SAFE Act repealed. Lawmakers who railroad laws through, in violation of established rules of procedure, must be held accountable. The rights guaranteed all Americans under the Second Amendment are essential to the freedoms that we all enjoy.

Young people today receive an inadequate education in regard to where their freedom comes from. There is little respect for the price paid by the fathers who created this country, or by the thousands of veterans who have died defending it. How many young people show proper respect for the flag by standing and removing their hats as it passes during a parade? Few have been taught that. They also lack any knowledge of the importance of the Bill of Rights and other laws that protect their freedoms.

Most New Yorkers agree that the SAFE Act crossed the line. It’s time for New Yorkers to stand up for freedom. Don’t be pushed around by downstate lawmakers. Contact your state legislators. Repeal the NY SAFE Act. Don’t allow this law to slide through because no one spoke up.

Doug Kelly