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Q: What happened to “Parenthood”? Will it be coming back? – Kirsten Newland, Brighton, Mich.

A: It will. NBC ordered only 15 episodes of the series this past season, but its shorter run ultimately didn’t hurt its being renewed, since it was picked up for a Season 5 several weeks before the network confirmed most of the rest of its 2013-14 lineup. And it’s been given a full 22-episode order for its next round.

One very interesting thing about the longevity of “Parenthood” is that this isn’t the first time the show has been attempted, since NBC aired another version before the current one. David Arquette, Ed Begley Jr. and a young actor by the name of Leonardo DiCaprio were among the stars of the edition that aired during the 1990-91 season, not long after the Ron Howard movie on which both series were based was released.


Q: It’s been nice to see Polly Draper back on television in “Golden Boy.” What was she doing all the time between “thirtysomething” and that show? – Mark Jenkins, Buffalo

A: Since playing Ellyn on the iconic series about several acquaintances and/or spouses “of a certain age,” she had made the occasional guest appearance on shows such as “Monk,” “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and “The Big C,” but she turned the bulk of her attention to writing and directing.

She scored a pretty big success in that arena by creating the Nickelodeon franchise “The Naked Brothers Band,” which starred Nat and Alex Wolff, her sons with musician husband Michael Wolff … who was Arsenio Hall’s bandleader on his first syndicated late-night show, which happens to be where Draper met Wolff.