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Letter: Sheriff knows law won’t stop senseless shootings

Sheriff knows law won’t stop senseless shootings

Those attacking Sheriff Timothy Howard should take a minute to reflect on what it is he speaks out about. In truth, he is not alone.

Law enforcement sees the disconnect in the NY SAFE Act for what it is. Those most political reflect on the law’s flaws in silence; those with a backbone speak out, hoping to enlighten the liberal fringe as to how ineffective this law is at stopping gun crimes by criminals, the drug-crazed and others bent on destruction.

I am of an age that remembers when street gangs stole antennas from cars to make simple .22-caliber weapons in their homes that were capable of mayhem on the streets. Taking guns and ammunition away from law-abiding citizens will not stop senseless shootings. Enforcement of the laws on the books and stricter sentencing for crimes committed will work wonders.

I plan on voting for Howard and I hope all who appreciate a no-nonsense law enforcement officer do also. Keep up the good work, sheriff.

Paul Ziolkowski