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Letter: Refusal to enforce law is deeply disappointing

Refusal to enforce law is deeply disappointing

I am deeply disappointed in Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard’s declaration that he will not enforce the NY SAFE Act. The continued sale and proliferation of firearms make them increasingly available to criminals and the deranged, leading to more killing of innocents and police. The Second Amendment is an anachronism from post-colonial times, when armed rebellion was both knowable and foreseeable in our young nation. Today, it is merely an excuse to slaughter one another, and should be repealed.

It is particularly onerous that assault-type weapons can be obtained to kill in large numbers and overwhelm police responders. These should be banned outright. Registering purchasers and requiring data-based background checks is a minimal answer that tends to deter easy access by the criminally inclined and mentally unstable. The only honest owners or rightful users of rapid-fire, high-volume weapons should be active military, police or sheriffs. No one else needs them.

Tom Johnson