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Letter: Amherst voters sent board a clear message

Amherst voters sent board a clear message

As an American and an Amherst resident, I believe that in a democracy people’s votes should matter. In 2010, Amherst citizens voted overwhelmingly (71 percent to 29 percent) to downsize the Town Board from seven members to five.

In a brazen effort to reverse the people’s decision, even before the downsized board takes effect, Amherst politicians have scheduled another vote on June 11. If you can believe it, they want to upsize.

We shouldn’t let self-interested public servants get away with wasting taxpayer dollars associated with this unnecessary second vote. As Kevin Gaughan’s work has shown, smaller boards operate efficiently and effectively, and afford citizens more opportunity to have their voice heard.

Having fewer politicians on the payroll in every one of Erie County’s 25 town governments saves considerable public funds. And for Amherst residents, that will require our going out once again on June 11 and voting no to this ploy to add more elected officials.

Paul Wolf