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Letter: Gun owner’s reference to Parks was insulting

Gun owner’s reference to Parks was insulting

An aggrieved New York State gun owner self-righteously, albeit ignorantly, compared the inconvenience of the NY SAFE Act to the abhorrence of Jim Crow. When was a gun owner last lynched, burned or mutilated for brandishing a sidearm, sporting a gun rack in a pickup or traipsing around the woods in orange clothes?

How long did these guys have to sit around till they formulated the right combination of words to appropriately outfit the acronym SCOPE? Silly Caucasians Orchestrating Phony Expostulations.

Check your “Profiles in Courage,” but enduring a few less pages in the gun catalog doesn’t even remotely rank with the unassuming but phenomenal lady who refused to take a back seat to injustice and forever changed the world.

The writer’s grievances are legitimate, but please let’s keep them in perspective. His argument, though seemingly innocuous, was an insult to every African-American and warrants a formal apology, so please put your SCOPE on that.

Joe Sullivan