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Letter: Don’t legalize MMA just to make money

Don’t legalize MMA just to make money

Before legalizing mixed martial arts, responsible adults should review recent overwhelming and fast-growing evidence linking concussions, traumatic brain injuries, chronic traumatic encephalopathy and suicides related to blows to the head. In an attempt to prove this connection, Dave Duerson, a former NFL player, committed suicide by shooting himself in the heart so doctors could study his brain.

I looked up the 2006 John Hopkins study (ancient by today’s standards) cited by Mark Grisanti and Crystal Peoples-Stokes in their Another Voice. It concluded that “the overall injury rate in MMA competition is now similar to other combat sports, including boxing.” Another 2006 study by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons concluded that “90 percent of boxers will have sustained a brain injury by the end of their careers.” Both studies list many injuries. I am opposed to allowing my kids or grandkids to participate in violent sports.

Evidently, “Economics 101” ignores whose brains will be sacrificed to make money. Like approving war, bipartisans can agree to legalize pornographic violence but not meaningful job stimulation bills. Not with my vote!

Fred Tomasello Jr.