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Letter: Recent events highlight teachers’ commitment

Recent events highlight teachers’ commitment

In Newtown in December, and now in Oklahoma last week, we have seen reports of teachers and school personnel who have risked their lives, even given their lives, to protect the lives of the children under their care. This has been repeated in other tragic events in schools for years now.

While most teachers will probably not have to do such heroic things to prove their dedication to why they work with children, it seems to be a pattern worth noting. Given the need, educators do what needs to be done.

Yet we’re also in the midst of a time where teachers are constantly under the microscope for supposedly not educating children, having to “prove” their worth through the current testing and professional evaluation programs almost nationwide, to become bits of “data” to “prove” they’re doing their jobs.

Think about it; if teachers are willing to do what they have to do in order to protect children in life-threatening situations (whether by forces of nature or of evil people), don’t you think they’re willing to do the same to educate children? Granted, not all people rise to the occasion at all times, but it’s time to acknowledge that most educators are doing what they’ve been trained to do, and will go the extra mile to do what’s needed for the sake of the children.

Laura Loehr