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Letter: Springville must install crosswalks near schools

Springville must install crosswalks near schools

For years I’ve been attempting to persuade the leaders of the Village of Springville and the Griffith Institute to install crosswalks at the schools located in Springville. We are the only place I’ve ever seen that does not have a single pedestrian crosswalk at any school in the village. I’ve made contact with village officials and with the SGI Board of Education without any progress. We have a high school, a middle school and an elementary school located within the village limits and there are many students who have to cross the street at those locations to get to school.

Maybe it will take a serious or fatal pedestrian accident for these crosswalks to be installed. If this occurs, the civil penalties will be considerable to the local taxpayers because of the village/school lack of safety concerns. I can see a lawsuit for millions of dollars being won by the family of the victim, and that money will have to come from our taxes. Let’s spend a few pennies now to ensure student pedestrian safety instead of hundreds of dollars per family when this accident occurs. Come on, Springville, let’s get with it.

Louis A. Starr