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Letter: Niagara Falls police are doing a great job

Niagara Falls police are doing a great job

Rod Watson’s recent column, “Falls police leave world wondering,” was honest and insightful. I need to only disagree with one facet of his musing. It is my impartial observation as a resident of this city over the past four decades that the Niagara Falls Police Department is a well-run, quality organization. Indeed, the facts of this traffic stop involving two innocents from Massachusetts prove well my point.

Firstly, there was a diligent National Guardsman who observed what he believed to be a suspicious pairing given the recent Boston terrorist attack. His actions and the subsequent actions of the Police Department were actually textbook behavior for such an occurrence. Watson himself finds no fault in their procedures.

Writing the guiltless driver traffic tickets at the end of the investigation is questionable decision-making at best. However, consider the possibility that these tickets were obligatory, given the driver did actually commit the infractions, and that they will subsequently be discharged, as they should.

The Police Department should not be maligned in this matter. Its service to my city over the past 40 years is unparalleled. Considering the current condition of this once proud community, our officers are doing an extraordinary job. Racial profiling is wrong. But in this case, under these circumstances, it can be understood.

Ken Ruggiero

Niagara Falls