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The Buzz: Of polar bear cubs, Dorothy Malczewski and Felser


You can lead a Polish tavern onto the Internet, but you can’t make them Tweet. Eating lunch in a dark booth at Wiechec’s, the old Kaisertown bar on Clinton Street, Buzz was enchanted to see a hand-scrawled sign: “Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.” We rushed home and turned on the computer. What would Wiechec’s have to say? The bar’s posts were restricted to photos of that day’s menus, written out in longhand that looked straight out of, oh, 1930. It’s OK, Wiechec’s. Sto Lat! That’s Polish for, may you live to be 100, and who needs social media, beer is beer.

Grin ’n bear it

Buffalo Zoo, have a heart! One minute, the zoo makes us fall in love with Luna, that cuddly polar bear cub. The next, they’re putting the screws to us: Cough up the dough, cub fans, or lovely Luna could be gone. “We want our bears to stay in Buffalo. Now, they could become extinct,” a dispassionate female voice threatens on the radio. Well, we guess we can sympathize. Last time The News checked, the cub weighed almost 70 pounds, and trainers no longer go into the enclosures with her. It won’t be long before lil’ Luna becomes a big, mean mama bear. Gotta strike while the cub is cute!

Broadway legend

Buzz was sad to read that Dorothy Malczewski, of Broadway Market fame, had died. We have her to thank that we ever got married. Once, impulse-buying a duck back in our single days, we asked Dorothy how to roast it for dinner with our gentleman friend. After dishing out instructions – involving two different oven temperatures, apple slices and a sauce of brandy and apricot jam – she leaned over the counter conspiratorially and said, “And put a whole half on his plate. He will love it.” Buzz isn’t even Polish, but we felt inducted into a long line of Eastern European women, ensnaring our men through food. It worked! We will be lighting candles in church for Mrs. Malczewski. We owe her big.

The buzz

Speaking of legends who have left us, it was nice how News sports legend Larry Felser got a public RIP on the marquee of Canisius High School. Not only that, but it was a real RIP – in Latin. “Requiescat in Pace,” it said. … So elegant, those folks arriving Friday for the Grassroots Celebration in the Statler Golden Ballroom. Buzz, feeling suddenly shabby and shopworn after our week of work, envied one long sequined purple gown, and a perfect black cocktail dress. But then – but then! – a guy went rushing into the ballroom with great urgency, looking like an EMT, carrying a paper bag from Mighty Taco. What a relief. We are all alike!


“Thou JERK!”

– Michele Ragusa, at Kleinhans Music Hall, in “Kiss Me Kate”