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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• 4948 Lower Mountain Road, Midfirst Bank to HUD, $106,292.

• Lower Mountain Road, Sally K. Mcaninch; Ronald E. Mcaninch to Linda S. Townsend; Joseph F. Townsend, $16,500.


• 7968 Ridge Road, European Meat Products & Deli Inc. to McCollum Farm Partnership, $45,000.


• West St., Gary J. Broderick to Tammy Jo Goodman, $125,000.

• Fairchild Place, Julia E. Pucci; Christopher A. Pucci to Jonathan G. Adams, $114,000.

• Townline Road, Ruth Dinger; Harold Dinger; Lisa J. Leisner to Thomas D. Maxwell, $108,000.

• 988 Brookside Drive, James F. Tedesco; Anthony J. Tedesco to Margaret R. Hillman, $95,000.

• Roosevelt Ave., Laurie A. Battaglia to Laterio Humphrey, $36,527.


• Willow St., Deborah Heinrich; Charles W. Heinrich to Richard Junke; Maureen Neill, $198,000.

• Euclid Ave., Theresa Sperandeo; Douglas Cymny to Raymond A. Yurek, $143,000.

• Roosevelt St. & Virginia Court, Matthew E. Brooks to Maria D. Dool, $120,561.

• Pound St., Mary Louise Williams; George R. Williams to Thomas Letcher Jr., $88,000.


• Purdy Road, Steven C. Quast; Patricia C. Quast to Carolann Donorovich; Robert C. Donorovich, $295,000.

• Wendts Corners Gasport Road, Michael J. Cafora; Mary J. Cafora to Sylvia McNamara; Daniel McNamara, $130,000.


• 6204 Dale Road, Michael R. Duncan to Amy M. Barnes; Peter L. Barnes Jr., $70,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $122,500 Average price: $49,613 Median price: $43,750 Number of Sales: 16

• Pershing Ave., Mary M. Abray; Clifford E. Abray to Brenda A. Florio, $122,500.

• 8818 Point Ave., Joyce C. Knoll to Anthony D. Knoll, $96,000.

• 1643 98th St., David Anthony Paduano; Albert Michael Paduano to Crisoforo Hernandez, $81,500.

• 90th St., Kelly L. Caldwell; David J. Caldwell to Robert Smith; Barbara Smith, $73,500.

• Jerauld Ave., Gina R. Gatto to Leonora Heembrock, $63,600.

• 75th St., Roxann Vekich; Anthony J. Vekich Jr. to Melissa A. Slagel, $59,360.

• 78th St. & Lindbergh Ave., Charles Edward Connor; Linda Connor Kane to Michael P. Cuddahee; Cheryl A. Cuddahee, $54,000.

• Niagara Ave., Maria McConnaghy; Francis R. McConnaghy to Bahji Marca; Jorge Zelaya, $47,000.

• 29th St., Wing Properties to Mrs. Hippo Llc, $40,500.

• L81 18th St., KC Buffalo Enterprises to Mega Enterprises, $28,000.

• Linwood Ave., KC Buffalo Enterprises to Mrs. Hippo Llc, $28,000.

• 10th St., Mozell Boyd; Mozelle Allen; Kyle R. Andrews to Global America Real Estate, $23,500.

• 1343 & 1345 Whitney Ave., Elaine McGrath; Michael McGrath to Paragon Enterprises, $20,000.

• Welch Ave., Brian Mokhiber to Ruffin H. Lewis, $20,000.

• Cudaback Ave., Genevieve Kovalski; Daniel Kovalski to Michael Halliday, $19,000.

• Whitney Ave., Geralyn Brindisi Azizkhan; Gerardo Brindisi; Anthony A. Brindisi to Anthony Mondanos; Sophia Mondanos, $17,350.


• Division St., 277 Division Llc to Fatima Z. Yasin; Umar M. Yasin; Zayba A. Yasin; Uzayr M. Yasin, $140,000.

• Wall St., Maria Young; Sophie Kraft; Kathleen Jean Leblanc to Jennifer A. Beam; David S. Beam, $90,000.

• 862 Revere Ave., David C. Shaheen to Marc R. Gardner; Carole A. Gardner, $62,500.


• Bear Ridge Road, Denene Mekoski; Jacquelyn A. Mekoski to Paul Aswad, $50,000.


• Kelly Ave., RJ McMorris and Son; Benley Realty Co. Niagara Foods Inc.; Ronald J. McMorris to Schwab Fruit And Produce Co. Inc., $77,500.


• Lake Road, Green Lane Nurseries Inc. to John H. Voelpel; Jane M. Voelpel, $290,000.

• Hartland Road, Darin Deering to Christopher A. Wahl, $95,000.


• Ward Road, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Jason R. Dipasquale; Helene M. Dipasquale, $207,395.

• 1 Skylark Lane, DS of Wheatfield Llc to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $36,350.


• Randall Road, Jonathan C. Erwin; Holly E. Erwin to Lauren E. Dylag; Edwin M. Dylag, $33,500.