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Letter: Manna supportive of chicken owners

Manna supportive of chicken owners

It was refreshing to read the April 23 letter in support of backyard hens, however, it’s only fair to correct the writer’s assertion that, “Someone needs to explain to the Amherst Zoning Board and Councilman Mark Manna that laying hens do not crow.” If anyone has been on the side of backyard chicken owners in Amherst, it is Manna.

When I was faced with having my chickens removed in February 2012, it was Manna who helped me navigate the process required to obtain a special-use permit. Since that time, more than a year ago, Manna has remained steadfast in his support.

I also feel that the Zoning Board is working to better understand the intention of the amendment that passed earlier this year and I’m confident that as the board works through the kinks of this new process, we will see greater success for chicken owners in Amherst. Certainly there is room for some Town and Zoning Board members to better understand the issue, but in general I am proud to live in a town where most of the Town Board members have been supportive of backyard chickens.

Karen Marks