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Letter: How could the Senate nix background checks?

How could the Senate nix background checks?

I am appalled at the recent action, or more accurately the lack of action, by the U.S. Senate concerning the bill on universal background checks for the purchase of firearms. The fact that a minority of senators could defeat an amendment that is supported by the overwhelming majority of the electorate is a complete failure of their duty to represent the people who sent them to Washington.

Of course, we are only too familiar with the tyranny of the minority. After four years, the Families of Flight 3407 are still fighting for effective regulation of the airline industry. Regulations that are meant to protect the safety of the passengers. But a handful of legislators who are beholden to the airline industry and their lobbyists will stop at nothing in their efforts to thwart the will of the people they are supposed to represent.

The proper response to this arrogance is the Sandy Hook Promise: That we will not forget the children of Newtown. That we will not abandon the families of the thousands who have died from gun violence in the few short months since Sandy Hook. That we will continue to advocate for common-sense regulation of firearms. And that we will remember those who callously disregard the will of their constituents and elect a legislature that truly represents the will of the people.

James A. Kolbe