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Letter: Attacks highlight need for self-defense

Attacks highlight need for self-defense

In light of two recent heinous events, I find it necessary to speak out against the SAFE Act in New York State. The terrorist bombing in Boston and the subsequent manhunt for those responsible, as well as the brutal home invasion in the Chautauqua County Town of Carroll, have shocked many people.

The manhunt in Boston resulted in more than one gun battle with well-armed terrorists. The home invasion involved four men determined to cause harm and even death to two innocent victims.

If and when anything evil happens in my neighborhood, I would like the opportunity to defend myself, my family and my community against criminals and/or terrorists with more than seven rounds of ammunition in my defensive weapon.

Once again, it has become obvious that those who benefit most from the SAFE Act are the “bad guys.” They can be confident that their law-abiding victims are easier prey because of the new laws. Thanks for that, Gov. Cuomo.

David Bystrak

West Seneca