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Letter: Let the public decide nursing home’s fate

Let the public decide nursing home’s fate

As long as I’ve lived here (42 years), I’ve been told Orleans County is one of the most economically depressed counties in the state. This may be true, but the residents are a proud lot! One of our most prized possessions, The Villages of Orleans, stands as a testament to the caring and dedication that the community has for its old and infirm neighbors.

This public facility, which has provided quality care for many years, is in jeopardy of being sold. The Orleans County Legislature feels that we can no longer afford to keep this valuable asset in the public sector. No one I know has complained about the cost of keeping and maintaining this building. In fact, I’ve heard nothing but praise for the services that users have received while there. Less than $1 a week of my county taxes is directed toward the nursing home. I’d say that’s a good deal, knowing that the service is available if, or when, I need it.

Since it is publicly owned, I feel that the public should have a say in whether it should be sold, through a referendum.

Joseph A. Gehl