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Letter: We should have heeded Eisenhower’s warning

We should have heeded Eisenhower’s warning

Being a history buff, I have taken great interest in our presidents and their accomplishments. Dwight Eisenhower warned us that the greatest danger to our country was the influence of the military-industrial complex. If we had heeded his warnings, things would be much different in our country today.

Wars we have fought or are fighting in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, and our involvement all over the world, have brought terror to our doorstep. How many of these wars were necessary? It appears to me that the only beneficiaries have been the weapons manufacturers. We have lost many thousands of our youth and bankrupted our country to the extent that programs such as Social Security and Medicare and even the care of our injured veterans are in danger because of our squandered national treasure.

I wonder if the many thousands of innocents who have been killed in the Middle East will hate us forever? We are dealing with religious zealots who have been fighting wars for more than a thousand years. Has our involvement brought their terror to us? What will be our next war? Will it be Iran, North Korea, Syria or any of the out-of-control countries in Africa? We already are arming the Syrian rebels. Will these rebels someday turn these weapons on American troops?

Eisenhower had it right. The weapons manufacturers and their supporters in Congress are doing fine, but at the cost of destroying the structure of our country.

Allen F. Scioli