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Letter: Police keeping tabs on the wrong people

Police keeping tabs on the wrong people

I would like to know how many more David Lewis (turn in your legally owned guns) incidents we lawful gun owners are going to have to endure before this unenforceable law is rescinded? I believe this so-called NY SAFE Act is simply a fishing expedition for the governor and law enforcement to see what they can get away with.

How did they get this man’s confidential medical records? Do they also have yours? Think about it, people. Is there some computer geek in Albany pawing through your medical records to see what he can find on you?

How many criminals will be caught with this hare-brained law? They don’t register their guns. Because law-abiding citizens obey the law, police know who we are, where we are and what we have. It makes their jobs a lot easier, except they are keeping tabs on the wrong people.

It appears to me the mindset in Albany is that if we hassle the people enough, they will just give up their rights. Not me!

Gary Chamberlain