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Letter: Lawmakers ignoring constituents’ wishes

Lawmakers ignoring constituents’ wishes

Well, by now it should be obvious, even to those who have not been paying attention. We send men and women to Congress to represent us, not their narrow agendas. The radical right and a smattering of yellow-dog Democrats are doing as they darn well please. Consistently, they ignore what their constituencies want and what the country needs.

The most recent, and especially egregious, example of this is the voting in the Senate on background checks for gun buyers. Such an anemic and watered-down version couldn’t make the grade. It wasn’t asking for bizarre controls, just a minor gesture to try to staunch the bloodshed and control the slaughter going on in our country. Nope! Their moneyed masters gave them their marching orders and they complied. All this, in spite of the fact that 90 percent of our citizens supported the bill. They should hang their heads in disgrace.

But this is only one small example. There are so many more. Our infrastructure is dissolving before our eyes. Our environment is becoming ever more poisonous. The poor are getting poorer, the sick are getting sicker and the fat cats are growing fatter. They sit on their bums in Congress, play politics and watch this great country shrink into a Third World environment.

How long are we going to allow them to thumb their noses at us? The vast majority of our representatives are millionaires, drawing down respectable salaries, possessing an outstanding health plan and yet they prostitute themselves on the altar of greed. They are bought and paid for. It is about time we said, “Enough! Be gone, you rascals.”

Joseph Spina