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Letter: Watch for motorcyclists as the weather improves

Watch for motorcyclists as the weather improves

With warmth and sunshine slowly approaching, many people will be starting spring and summer activities. For a lot of civilians in the Buffalo region, this includes riding their motorcycles, which have been stored in the garage, waiting for their first ride of the season. I know many people who own motorcycles, many of them being family. The annual number of accidents involving motorcycles needs to be reduced.

As a member at a local fire department, this time of year is when a lot of motorcycle accidents occur, especially on busy streets like Main Street, Sheridan Drive and Transit Road. It’s only April, and there has already been an accident in our fire district, and many in other districts as well. Drivers forget about motorcycles being out on the road due to the long Buffalo winter. We need to remember to share the road and be aware of our surroundings, especially when changing lanes, because it can save a life. Motorcyclists have less protection than we do in cars, which is why many accidents are life-threatening and even deadly.

Drivers should make sure to take those extra couple seconds to turn their heads and not just check their mirrors; motorcycles easily fit into blind spots. Taking those extra couple seconds can not only save some damage from your car, but can also save a life.

Keli Prynn