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Letter: Senate went too far on recent gun vote

Senate went too far on recent gun vote

Like many Americans who support the broadest possible interpretation of the Second Amendment, I am suspicious of the intentions of government, particularly after the Patriot Act, warrantless surveillance, the massive Homeland Security bureaucracy and the drone wars. I am sure that, like me, most Second Amendment libertarians don’t use cellphones or credit cards, which allow the government to track us. We don’t make online purchases either. If we did any of those things, we would be hypocrites of the worst sort, unwilling to inconvenience ourselves for our beliefs but comfortable with endangering others.

Still, I have to say that the Senate went a bit too far in voting to facilitate the purchase of weapons of war by terrorists and basically anyone who just wants to slaughter school kids. I understand the role of greed and cowardice in senatorial debate: that’s the American way. But it cost us so much money to track down the two terrorists who killed three people in Boston that, just to balance the federal budget, I would have thought we might want to make buying weapons of killing a little trickier for the people who shoot 30,000 Americans to death every year.

Robert K. Dentan