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Wilson schools take extra precautions during a search

WILSON – The Wilson High School and Middle School and Thomas Marks Elementary School were put into lockout status to secure the perimeter and keep students in place as Niagara County sheriff’s deputies and State Police looked for a 16 year old boy who ran into a wooded area near the schools and threatened to hurt himself and officers searching for him just before 3 p.m. Wednesday. Authorities said the search stemmed from a domestic issue and involved a boy with mental health issues. They said there was no weapons threat and no threat to the school. The boy returned home a few hours later.

Wilson School Superintendent Michael Wendt said parents were informed through automated telephone calls, and there were only minor delays in getting the students on the buses and back home after school hours.

The missing boy appeared to be using a cell phone to communicate with his mother during the search and officers were able to trace the signal to help locate the teen, according to the sheriff’s department.