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Letter: We must close borders, take care of Americans

We must close borders, take care of Americans

Several years ago, I had a letter to the editor published that was titled, “Close the borders.” It spoke of how the United States became the great country that it is by welcoming foreigners with open arms, and how people in years past came to this country to better themselves, worked hard and accepted/adapted to the ways of the “new country.” I’ll say it again: It was a great policy then, but this is now. We can no longer afford, nor do we need to take in, any more foreigners. Today, people are coming here looking for handouts and, worse, to hurt our citizens.

We are lacking in academics in this country. Why then do we bring foreigners here to get a better education? Many times it is at no or very minimal cost to them or their families. Our own children need a better education, and if anyone should get a free ride, it should be naturally born, legal U.S. citizens.

Once again, I say, close our borders. Don’t welcome with open arms those who are out to get a free ride or hurt our people. And this means those seeking a better education, those seeking refugee status, etc. And while you are at it, send “home” all those who are here illegally and all those who are considered “persons of interest.” And keep them out.

Perhaps if we had implemented these policies many years ago, we wouldn’t have had such tragedies as 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombings. God bless those who have suffered from the above avoidable tragedies, and God bless America.

Max Schwartzmeyer

West Seneca