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Livestock found shot in Ransomville

RANSOMVILLE – A Ransomville Road man reported a series of menacing behavior over the past few months, including someone who used a shotgun to kill a chicken, a turkey and a rooster on his property.

The victim told Niagara County sheriff’s deputies on Sunday that in the past two months trespassers have stolen the battery from his tractor, taken four peacock chicks, and shot his birds on his property in the 3400 block of Ransomville Road. He told officers he fears for his safety and has been walking around his property armed with a rifle.

He told deputies that he saw two males and a female exiting his barn two weeks ago as he drove into his driveway, and saw them flee into the woods. He said he fired a rifle round into the ground to scare them and one of the males returned fire with a shotgun. The victim said the male was within 50 feet of his property when he fired the gun.

A trail camera was also reported stolen, but the man said he has been able to secure a photo of the three suspects.

Deputies said they will continue to follow up and will contact the Department of Environmental Conservation regarding the livestock. The victim was advised to contact 911 immediately if the trespassers returned.