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Letter: Disturbing images are the reality of abortion

Disturbing images are the reality of abortion

I want to applaud the University at Buffalo pro-life students who displayed graphic depictions of aborted babies as part of their Genocide Awareness Project. I feel it is best to be as informed as possible. During my education at UB, I spent time in the Pathology Department at Erie County Medical Center. Each day, surgical specimens underwent a “gross” examination. This process involved cutting up specimens and describing their appearance as they were prepared for processing for microscopic examination.

Among the specimens were “products of conception.” I saw residents cringe as they were required to process these specimens. I also spent time in the neonatal nursery at what was then Children’s Hospital. There I saw heroic efforts in an attempt to save premature babies. They didn’t look much different.

If you are pro-choice, Google “partial birth abortion” (or just abortion) and review the truth of what you are supporting. If you find the truth disturbing, perhaps you should rethink your position. It is convenient to argue in the abstract, but you should be aware of the reality of your position.

Michael Blenk