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Poem of the Week by Peter Siedlecki


By Peter Siedlecki

It was a short procession,

only a few sad cars

with somber flags.

If it had a voice,

it would whisper

rather modestly:

“He is dead

and is leaving hardly any legacy.”

He will just be dead.

When time is past

his name will arise casually.

in conversation

like blown dust.

People will say, “Ah, yes”

And abruptly proceed,

leaving dust to settle behind them.

This awful exit

feeds my resolve:

I want everyone who ever

had a positive thought about me

to attend my funeral.

I want the street,

The block,

The city,

to be too small to hold it

I want it to be remembered

as though my being

meant something important enough

to be remembered.

Come on, Life!

I’ve loved you too much

for you to be paltry with me.

Pay back a little!

Come on, Death,

lighten up!

Have a party.

PETER SIEDLECKI will host “A Festival of Spring Poems” in celebration of National Poetry Month at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Room 101 of the Research and Information Commons at Daemen College, 4380 Main St. in Amherst. The event is free. Guests are invited to bring their own spring-themed poems to read.