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Letter: Sequestration cuts put country at risk

Sequestration cuts put country at risk

We have seen innocent athletes and bystanders killed or injured by strategically placed bombs at the Boston Marathon, industrial accidents in the workplace, methamphetamines on the rise in Niagara County and illegal immigrants recaptured after being released. Washington, it is time to wake up!

Now is the time to redistribute the funding and manpower of the federal agencies, not cut it. Now is the time to increase the ATF, DEA, USCIS and OSHA, not furlough them. Our National Guard and Reservists were intended both to supplement our active-duty military as well as the first line of defense for our country stateside, and yet their funding is cut regularly, as well as the full time military civil servants subject to diminished work weeks.

The sequestration is putting our nation at further risk, and it is time to prioritize and put our nation first. Instead of making our nation more vulnerable, it is time to set aside political differences and view the big picture and what is truly important – the security of the people of this nation, as well as its priority resources.

Meredythe Putnam