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Letter: Laws won’t stop people determined to do harm

Laws won’t stop people determined to do harm

Now we have another tragedy, this time at the Boston Marathon. A bomber or bombers have killed and maimed innocent people. A couple of weeks ago, a Texas student went on a slashing spree using a razor-like knife, probably a box cutter. These acts point out once again the fruitless efforts to stop people who are intent on harming or killing someone. They will use hammers, fists, ball bats, even cars or trucks. But we are focused on demonizing legally owned guns.

Should our politicians start to require background checks to purchase box cutters, ball bearings, nails or any other item that could become a weapon in a criminal’s hands? Let’s see this tragedy for the reality it gives us. The NY SAFE Act and all the talk of gun control only hurt the law-abiding enthusiasts and will not save anyone from a criminal bent on doing harm.

Paul Ziolkowski