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Harassment of apartment neighbors leads to arrest

A Linwood Avenue man accused of pouring Krazy Glue into the keyhole of a neighbor’s door, leaving empty beer bottles and cans in front of her apartment and leaving a partly consumed submarine sandwich in front of a second neighbor’s apartment was arrested late Saturday, Buffalo police reported.

Gregory Rick, 43, who lives in Apartment No. 511 in the Linwood Avenue building, is accused of pouring a fast-acting adhesive into the keyhole of No. 513, leaving the empty bottles and cans in front of No. 513 and leaving the remains of the sandwich, in part of its wrapper, outside the door to No. 512.

It wasn’t too hard to trace the items back to Rick, police said, because officers found the same brand of beer and the other part of the sandwich wrapper in his apartment.

The neighbors also say Rick has threatened to kill both of them. Rick is charged with second-degree harassment.