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Letters for April 21

Fans can make statement with their pocketbooks

At least the hockey season is coming to an end. No more booing until next season begins. When will we see a Stanley Cup, Mr. Pegula? As long as Darcy is still your GM, playoffs even look ominous. Promises, promises, we’ve heard this before from another team in Western New York.

Draft choices are good if they’re used correctly. We’re building for the future, but when is that? There is a way for the devoted Sabres fans to protest, don’t renew your season tickets. Money talks and then Mr. Pegula might actually hear what the fans are saying.

Maybe the Sabres players will be happier playing before an empty arena rather than a booing arena.

Paul DiVito


Nassib not the player to lead Bills in future

The Buffalo Bills need a quarterback. We all know that. Here’s hoping it’s not Ryan Nassib from Syracuse.

He played on a mediocre team in a less than mediocre football conference, the Big East. The Syracuse program is overrated every single year and we don’t need the Buffalo Bills to become Syracuse West. We’re mediocre enough already.

It seems to me that Syracuse should prove itself before taking on the NFL. If you insist on hiring a coach who is going to bring in all his former players and assistant coaches please hire Alabama coach Nick Saban.

George Wojciechowski


This draft might be one for Bills to trade down

Over the past two months, I’ve been draftniked to death, and loving every minute of it. Many puzzle enthusiasts believe that the Sunday New York Times crossword is the toughest challenge. I disagree. Try figuring out the players each team will select in the NFL draft. That’s a puzzle you’ll never get right.

There is an old joke that goes “like I’ve said before, I never repeat myself.” Well, for the last 13 years, Bills management has repeated themselves annually, saying this is the year we reach the playoffs. I’m still waiting. Sorry, but I don’t have the patience of Job.

With all the high draft choices we’ve accumulated over the 13 years of futility, it’s absolutely mind-boggling to me that the Bills have so many needs this upcoming season. It’s no secret that the biggest needs are QB and WR. There are no Andrew Lucks or Calvin Johnsons in this draft. Clearly, the Bills should trade down in the first round to pick up an additional pick.

Buddy Nix has to nail this draft. He can’t afford another mistake like when he took Torell Troup instead of Rob Gronkowski. According to the so-called draft experts, this is a relatively weak draft in the top 20 picks. However, it is an excellent draft for picks 20-60. There’s always some team willing to move into the top 10 to get the player they have targeted.

Make the deal, Buddy, so we don’t have to wait another decade to sniff the playoffs. Especially since we only have six draft picks and at least eight starters that need to be upgraded.

Dennis Weber

North Buffalo

Tiger’s Masters controversy was handled properly

Okay, all you Tiger Woods haters. Dial it back.

Tiger hit into the water and dropped. A caller thought he dropped in the wrong place. The Masters Rules Committee looked at the replay and decided his drop was proper and he was allowed, by rule, to sign his card. After some discussion later that day, the committee decided he had dropped in a wrong place. The penalty for this is two strokes added to his score before the next round.

In that situation the penalty is two strokes whether it is Tiger or the last place finisher. Tiger did not sign an incorrect scorecard (disqualification) as the committee had already ruled he was fine. A later photo by an Augusta news photographer showed both pictures of Tiger’s original shot and the dropped replay. Divots in the photo showed Tiger’s feet less than four inches from the original stance in the replay.

The Rules of Golf will not penalize you if you thought you violated a rule but really didn’t. The committee did not have access to this photo and relied on various TV camera angles for their ruling. It’s OK not to like Tiger because of his personal indiscretions, his attitude, or any other reason you may have, but the Rules of Golf were followed in this situation.

Whitey Nichols

USGA Rules Official


Players leaving early not good for college sports

College players, especially college basketball, are leaving school to seek the riches of professional sports. A majority of these players who seek fame and fortune fall short of their dreams.

There should be a ruling on student athletes who leave college early. The one-and-dones are ruining the college game and the schools are allowing this to happen.

College sports bring students together and the spirit of competing feels short lived due to the greed of money hungry owners.

Things must change.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

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