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Letter: State needs to butt out of marriage in general

State needs to butt out of marriage in general

Should the state recognize gay marriage? I would ask, why does the state recognize any marriage?

Once upon a time, people got married all the time without the state’s permission. All over the world – every race, ethnicity, religion, culture, what have you. So why, now, do we need to have the state define what marriage is and determine who can get married by requiring the purchase of a marriage license? Simple, money.

The states looked around and noticed almost everybody was getting married, so they decided to tax it. They made a legal activity (marriage) illegal unless you purchased a marriage license, at which time they would let you legally do what they said was illegal. That’s not a tax, that’s a bribe. I’m paying you so I can do something that you said was illegal.

If marriage is a civil right, why do we have to purchase it with a license? Are we required to purchase other rights, like the right to vote, the right to assemble, or the right to free speech? Why do we need to buy permission to marry?

If we have separation of church and state, why does the state recognize marriage at all? It was a long established religious and cultural practice throughout the world without state interference. Now the state decides who can get married (for a fee). What’s next? Can the state require a license before baptism or communion? I’m just asking.

Carl L. Philips