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Letter: Does Buffalo ReformED have a hidden agenda?

Does Buffalo ReformED have a hidden agenda?

I am writing in response to The News article titled, “10,000 students cheer state tax credit bill to help private schools.” Now some people want to subsidize private and religious schools with taxpayer dollars.

Here we go again. On April 10, the private and charter school advocate, Buffalo ReformED, was a co-sponsor of a rally at First Niagara Center. The intention of this gathering was to push a bill that will give tax credits to people making donations to private and religious schools (and public schools) at a time when our public schools are bleeding programs and teachers.

Why is it that Buffalo ReformED is not advocating for adequate resources to go to public schools through the state’s funding formula that prioritizes high-need districts such as Buffalo? Instead of investing in our public schools to help them become better, Buffalo ReformED wants private and religious schools to be subsidized by state tax dollars. This is wrong, irresponsible and raises questions about the agenda the group is trying to push forward.

Hannya Boulos, executive director of Buffalo ReformED, has stated that reform is the answer, not more money for our public schools. One must wonder then: Why is this group advocating for more taxpayer-subsidized dollars to go to private and religious groups, or even to wealthy public schools? Is there a hidden agenda? Does it want to drain our public schools of precious resources, so they can be turned into charters or private schools? Is this group showing its real colors?

Ina Ferguson-Downing