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Letter: Women’s Equality Agenda has much religious support

Women’s Equality Agenda has much religious support

I am one of the many religious supporters of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda, a 10-point proposal that will end much harmful gender discrimination and inequality. So I was particularly pleased to read “Religious leaders of many faiths endorse Cuomo plan” by the Rev. Jeremy Lopez, because it captured the spirit shared by a large number of faithful.

New York State has long been a national leader in advancing women’s rights. Now is the time to enact the Women’s Equality Agenda so that women receive equal pay for equal work and protection from sexual harassment. The agenda will strengthen safeguards against human trafficking and end pregnancy and gender-based housing discrimination. And it will ensure that New York laws provide the protections guaranteed in Roe v. Wade and reflect current standards of medical practice. It is very unusual and very tragic when a wanted pregnancy takes a bad turn. And when a woman’s health or life is endangered later in her pregnancy, she, her loved ones and her doctor need to be protected. This is the sacred and moral high ground promised by the agenda.

Unfortunately, we often hear only from religious opponents of the Women’s Equality Agenda. I appreciate reading Lopez’s piece, which calls attention to the many supportive religious voices.

The Rev. Dan Schifeling