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Letter: Let’s voice opposition to Keystone XL pipeline

Let’s voice opposition to Keystone XL pipeline

The Keystone XL pipeline is dangerous, dirty and destructive, and the latest environmental impact statement was both inaccurate and incomplete. It ignores the pipeline’s significant risk for toxic spills, ignores its catastrophic impacts on the climate and ignores the clear consensus among financial analysts and oil executives who agree Keystone XL will make the difference in tar sands development.

The pipeline will contribute dramatically to climate change. The State Department confirmed that tar sands fuel is up to 19 percent more greenhouse gas intensive than conventional fuel and the tar sands industry admits that Keystone XL will lead to more tar sands production. The total carbon pollution impacts of Keystone XL are the equivalent of putting 9 million cars on the road when considering the total emissions of tar sands and refining processes.

The State Department’s official public comment period on the pipeline is now open and it’s a crucial opportunity for us to flood it with comments. If you were wondering what to do in honor of Earth Day, which is Monday, here is an easy answer: Send a comment to The comment period ends on Monday.

Judy Fitzgerald