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Letter: Higgins’ success is due to putting people first

Higgins’ success is due to putting people first

While no surprise, it was great to read that Congressman Brian Higgins ranked as the No. 1 elected official in the recent Buffalo News readership survey. Here is a guy who does what he is supposed to do by working hard for the people he represents. He succeeds because he believes in doing what is right for his constituents and the greater community.

Why does that simple, basic truth appear to be such a difficult concept for other public officials to follow?

Higgins’ disciplined focus on bringing back Buffalo’s waterfront proves that good things do happen when our public officials work for the public good and not their own personal agendas. He didn’t just talk about bringing people back to the waterfront; he fought to find a way to get it done. And when he won that fight, we all won.

I know that Higgins will continue to lead the way because he will do the right thing and keep putting people first.

Terry Prendergast