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Letter: Don’t erect road barriers until crew is ready to work

Don’t erect road barriers until crew is ready to work

Spring must be here because the Elmwood area in front of Buffalo State College is back to gridlock. Just like last year, for months at a stretch, traffic is down to one lane in each direction from Forest Avenue to the entrance to the Scajaquada Expressway. This may seem like a short piece of road, but the repercussions extend for what seems like a mile, depending on the time of day. As the weather gets nicer, you will notice the walkers are making better progress than the cars.

But where are the workers? I have not seen one member of the construction crew since the barriers went up over a week ago. I am not sure what exactly they are doing to improve or repair that area, but it makes no sense to bollix up the road for weeks on end if they are not ready to start breaking ground. Last year’s work did not repave Elmwood or widen the road at all, and the only evidence from that work is new curbs. If the construction crew is not ready to start, someone please explain why they are tying up traffic unnecessarily. I am sure the businesses along that portion of Elmwood Avenue and the visitors to Buffalo State College would appreciate it.

Brian Snelling