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Letter: Changes in society put country at risk

Changes in society put country at risk

The country is in decline, and it started before President Obama. For me, it started on Jan. 22, 1973. Here is where we are now:

• Nothing is right or wrong. Shades of gray cloud our moral compass.

• A collective guilt over something done by people who are now dead.

• A lack of national identity.

• A loss of work ethic.

• Attempting to right all “wrongs.” Agitation over unequal outcomes caused by unequal abilities.

• Political correctness has replaced straight talk.

• A permanent ruling political class that assumes privileges for itself.

• A permanent underclass that is dependent on government.

• A media that no longer report but proselytize for government “solutions.”

• A badly informed electorate that has an extremely shallow knowledge of current and world events.

• An education system that seeks to indoctrinate rather than educate.

I pray for America.

Thomas McNichol

West Seneca