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Letter: April is great time to celebrate poetry

April is great time to celebrate poetry

I’m writing in response to Veronica Hogle’s My View, “Sweet sound of poetry helps elevate the spirit.” I came across Hogle’s article in The News and was intrigued by how she was able to recite the names of her favorite poems and the poets she admired. She expressed the pleasure that it brought her just from remembering some of the poems she learned. Most of all, my curiosity about poetry began. It made me dig deep within myself and rediscover what was already there, the lost art of poetry.

Now, I can observe the world of poetry from a new vantage point. I have begun my journey toward a love of poetry, including that of Maya Angelou, particularly “Still I Rise.” I’m excited to see the world again through my children’s eyes. As a mother of three, I believe poetry will capture their imagination as it has mine, and we can begin to discover our own favorites.

It is important that those who introduce poetry to others have a passion for it, so that it will seem exciting. We need to think of poetry as a gift, one that teaches us about the splendor of our world and captures a moment or a feeling that we may never have recognized until it was voiced for us. What better time than April, National Poetry Month, to celebrate it?

Darsheena C. Gary