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Massa finally stops paying his wife

By Jerry Zremski

WASHINGTON -- Three years after leaving office in tickle-party-induced disgrace, former Rep. Eric Massa, D-Corning, has finally stopped paying his wife from his leftover campaign funds.

Massa, D-Corning, had been paying his wife, Beverly, as much as $2,404 a month out of his campaign account. But in the quarter ending March 31, Massa did not report any such payments, according to the Center for Public Integrity, which reviewed Massa's latest campaign filing.

In total, Beverly Massa has received nearly $79,000 in campaign funds since Massa resigned in March 2010, the Center for Public Integrity said, adding that such payments are highly unusual.

Then again, there's no reason Beverly Massa could not go back on the payroll of Massa's nonexistent congressional campaign, which had $61,520 on hand as of March 31.

Massa resigned amid sexual harassment accusations from male staffers. Massa himself admitted tickling an aide "until he couldn't breathe" at a birthday party.

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