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Letter: It was a ‘brutal ordeal’ for Alix’s family, friends

It was a ‘brutal ordeal’ for Alix’s family, friends

I find it extremely offensive that attorney Joel Daniels had the audacity to say, “This man went through a brutal ordeal” when referring to Jim Corasanti. He went through a traumatic experience? What about Alix Rice’s family and friends? If only Corasanti had admitted what he had done, the public may have been more forgiving. We all make mistakes. But it does tell me about his ethics.

We are all aware of the injustices in life, as was the jury’s decision. Nothing will bring Alix back. I have no pity for Corasanti, and if that was Daniels’ intent, it backfired! Let’s hope Corasanti does move out of state.

Bonnie Johnson