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Buzz: Baseballs, baubles and books

Pitch perfect

Sunday's iffy weather, and the fact that the Sabres were playing at First Niagara Center, brought an unexpected bonus to the Bisons game. Thanks to the small attendance – a rarity – Coca-Cola Field suddenly had the pristine acoustics of Kleinhans Music Hall. Example: As a foul ball went flying, you could hear, from way across the field, a man in the bleachers saying: “I got it … I got it …” And after the ball landed a distance away from him, you could also hear him say, half under his breath: “I didn't want it.”

The bauble man

You know it's spring when your path begins crossing, constantly, with the path of Eric the Jewelry Guy, the hippie who wears his wares around the Elmwood Village. Thursday, Eric ambled into the Central Park Grill and began chatting with Buzz and our friends. He rubbed our shoulders and gave us a bracelet, a narrow leather strap with three stones. The bracelet made Buzz feel free. The next day we wore it to work. And we saw Eric again – on the No. 11 bus, heading downtown. Eric sat down with a friend several seats in front of us. “I'm pricing this necklace at 10 bucks,” we heard him say. “Maybe I should ask 12.” He got off at Utica Street. “Have a good one,” he told his friend. “Have a good one,” he told the driver. We don't need the daffodils. Spring is here.

That gray area

Estate sales speak of complicated personalities. At a Black Rock sale over the weekend, Buzz eyed up the kind of wholesome stuff we like to buy – prayer books, 1930s mixing bowls, a statue of St. Jude. But in the basement, a friend found – and scored – the autobiography of Christine Jorgensen, who he explained to us was a famous transsexual. Not only that, but it was autographed! Our friend got it for 50 cents. He has since found the same book on eBay, unautographed, priced at $93.75. He muses: “The value is somewhere in between.” Like so many things …

The buzz

Admired on Union Road, the Center for Skin Integrity. (“How unethical of our hands to itch this way!” “How could our face break out like this? How could it do this to us?”) … Who needs Fort Lauderdale? Just head for spring break to Tokyo II on Delaware Avenue. One night, Buzz could hardly eat our sushi, we were laughing so hard at a big party at a hibachi table. The chef had a squeeze bottle and was squirting drinks into people's open mouths as their friends cheered. Then everyone, chef included, put on giant kabuki masks and danced. Leaving, the revelers headed to a nearby bar. “Sorry we were so loud,” they told us. “Meet us across the street – we'll buy you a drink.”


“Ed I'm going to miss you on the air, you really know sports, ok you're shakee on everything else, but on sports your the best.”

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