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Video: Dickey a riveting subject on '60 Minutes'

By Mike Harrington

I was at the Sabres game Sunday night and I've already heard from a few people with sloshed DVRs from the Masters playoff, so I'm helping you all out here as a public service (heh). Blue Jays and ex-Bisons knuckleballer R.A. Dickey was the subject of a long feature on last night's edition of "60 Minutes" and, as usual, with baseball's biggest renaissance man, the piece was pretty interesting.

It didn't break a lot of new ground if you've followed Dickey's story closely over the last three years but it's all here. The breakthrough as a knuckleballer, his sexual abuse, his struggles in his marriage, the trade from the Mets. All of it.

Click the files below to see the piece (it's 13 1/2 minutes) and to see the online-only "60 Minutes Overtime", which talks about Dickey's lowest moments and suicidal thoughts. Pretty riveting stuff.

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