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Letter: Women’s Equality Agenda has much religious support

Women’s Equality Agenda has much religious support

Just as the Rev. Jeremy Lopez wrote (“Religious leaders of many faiths endorse Cuomo plan”), I endorse Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda, intended to break down legal barriers that make for discrimination and inequality plagues on our families and our communities.

The Women’s Equality Agenda is a 10-point initiative designed to address a wide range of obstacles – discrimination in the workplace, in housing and health care, for instance – and place women on a more equal footing. It will also align New York law with the federal protections of Roe v. Wade and current state medical practice.

In rare and tragic circumstances, a woman’s health will be endangered later in her pregnancy. By updating New York’s abortion law – 43 years after its passage – the woman, her family and her doctor will be able to safely protect the sanctity in her life, which is the highest value in Judaism and in many religious traditions.

There is a great deal of religious support for the Women’s Equality Agenda. As a rabbi and community leader, I am proud to add my name.

Rabbi Laurie Green