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Letter: More research needed on diseases of the brain

More research needed on diseases of the brain

I am responding to the letter, “Millions sought for study could be put to better use.” This person obviously does not know anyone or have a family member with a brain disease such as Parkinson’s or he would not have stated, “it is a total waste of money.” Yes, as he states, money could be invested in states devastated by storms and floods to help them recover.

That is the operative word – recover. Patients with Parkinson’s disease do not recover. Studies are being done to someday prevent the onset of this horrific disease or at least improve patients’ quality of life.

President Obama’s approval of stem cell research is the first step in helping Parkinson’s patients and all others with brain diseases. People have to get educated about brain disease and realize the hell these people are going through. There is no recovery.

Marcia Petrie