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Letter: Brain research is a wise investment

Brain research is a wise investment

On April 7, an article in The News described the devastating human and financial costs of Alzheimer’s disease for the United States. The nonprofit RAND Corp. found this cruel disorder costs American families and society between $157 billion and $215 billion a year. Much of this cost is ultimately borne by the federal government through Medicare and other programs.

Yet a recent letter writer criticizes the proposal by President Obama to invest $100 million in advanced studies of the human brain, labeling it “a bad idea and a total waste of money.” On the contrary, expanded research programs are our only hope of mitigating the scourge of Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders and dementias. The annual cost of the disease is more than one thousand times larger than the suggested cost of the proposed research. They sound like good odds to me.

Eaton Lattman