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Black Rock shop hosts exhibition on space-age culture and design

The sprawling, many-tiered headquarters of the vintage furniture store CooCooU in Black Rock will open its first art exhibition Friday. The mammoth show, called “The Future is History: The Rise and Fall of Space Age Culture and Design 1957-1972,” deals with a period of American history in which many artists and designers were focused on strange visions of the future.

“The astonishing epoch that bridges the Atomic Age and Information Age is showcased in a rare and eclectic collection that exemplifies the prescient Space Age aesthetic,” a release claims, going on to call the period documented in the exhibition “an intrepid time dominated by the Space Race when envisioning the future was omnipresent and now was not now enough.”

The show will contain a tremendous variety of objects, from toys and games of the era to architectural models, space-themed memorabilia, electronics and films. The exhibition’s opening party, according to a release, will feature “spacey electronic grooves, cosmic projections, moon shot mixtures, orbiting edibles and earthlings modeling far-out fashions.” – Colin Dabkowski


“The Future is History: The Rise and Fall of Space Age Culture and Design 1957-72” – When: 6:30 p.m. Friday through April 27. Where: 27 Chandler St. Admission: Free. Info: 432-6216