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Letter: Lipsey’s love for Buffalo made city a better place

Lipsey’s love for Buffalo made city a better place

It has been a few months now since Stan Lipsey stepped down as publisher and president of The Buffalo News and there have been several articles written about him and his tenure. As someone who has known Stan fairly well, I would like to add my comments.

While The News and I were not always of the same view politically, I always found Stan to be fair and willing to listen to what I may have felt was a perceived biased point of view. We didn’t always agree, but never once did I feel that Stan was not being fair.

Of even greater importance is that Stan has a deep love for Buffalo and has been an active participant in taking on many projects to make Western New York a better place for all of us to live.

Before it became fashionable, Stan was in the lead to re-energize the community to the value of Roswell Park Cancer Institute and he used his influence to encourage several governors and state legislators to increase their commitment to Roswell Park. In addition, Stan and his wife, Judi, have made personal financial contributions at the seven-figure level.

The Darwin Martin house, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s jewels, was falling into serious disrepair and Stan and other community leaders worked tirelessly to raise funds and create public awareness of this architectural masterpiece here in Buffalo. It is now one of the best cultural attractions for residents and visitors to our city.

Another architectural masterpiece that could have faced the wrecking ball was the Richardson complex. Stan lobbied to preserve the towers and turn them into a tourist attraction. There is little doubt that the GEICO insurance center, which is now one of Western New York’s largest employers, would not have happened without Stan’s intense lobbying with “friends in high places.” Last but not least, all one has to do is view Stan’s book of photos of Western New York to understand his great love for his adopted community.

Anthony H. Gioia