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Letter: New York cannot afford to give $350 tax rebates

New York cannot afford to give $350 tax rebates

No $350 tax rebate check should be given to any resident, married or not. This economy is in rough shape still and just when it starts to bounce back, someone trips it up with yet another political self-serving trick like this? Yes, it’s all of our tax money and we are overtaxed well above and beyond the rest of the nation. But common sense tells us “it doesn’t take 10 bullets.” Whoops. Wrong ludicrous political statement. Common sense tells us that just because we’re catching up on our bills, it doesn’t mean we should go out and spend, spend, spend. Come on Gov. Cuomo. If you want to buy an election, do it another way. Maybe hit up your big business cronies, since you’ve given them so very much more in tax breaks.

Frank Kolbmann