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Letter: Free-ranging cats can carry disease

Free-ranging cats can carry disease

The April 4 letter, “Don’t condemn cats who hunt to survive,” couldn’t be more accurate. There is, however, one dirty little secret excluded from her writing – Toxoplasmosis. This is a disease humans contract from free-ranging cats who devour critters carrying the parasite Toxoplasma gondii. Felines are creatures who host the parasite, allowing its full life cycle. Thus, the resulting disease.

This disease in humans can cause vision impairment, blindness, brain disorders and death. Several local specialists and veterinarians have verified these findings, each citing numerous cases, as well as explaining the numerous ways this disease can be transmitted.

Why Toxoplasmosis was not included in the study done by the Smithsonian Conservation Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service escapes me. If one can find it online, it’s no secret! Understanding their study’s focus on the environment is one reason. The blind passion that cat lovers display is probably the reason this disease stays under the radar. Look it up.

I cannot and will not allow the spread of this disease on my property. It’s simply too devastating. Worthy of mention is that amazing invention – the leash.

Joe Coia

West Seneca