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Letter: Food truck owners have no right to cry

Food truck owners have no right to cry

I would like to comment on the recent “frenzy” of food trucks in Buffalo and all of the complaints the vendors have offered regarding unfair treatment and excessive fees. From what has been published, it seems a nominal fee has been charged for a yearly period, and this fee has recently been reduced in half. Any local entrepreneur or vendor is charged a city fee of $31.50 for a one-day permit plus a tent fee of $25. These fees are for a single event, not a yearly fee. Do you realize how many local vendors pay this fee over and over again at Buffalo’s endless food festivals?

I find the complaints of these truck owners to be ridiculous, as they are often parked near brick-and-mortar establishments that pay taxes and monthly bills to maintain a business in Buffalo. I find it ludicrous that the truck owners have offered complaints of targeting, bullying and unfair treatment. They are infringing on the restaurants of Buffalo, which support the business industry and employ many staff members to keep the business and the economy healthy.

A food truck has the audacity to park near an establishment and take its potential business, all while employing minimal staff and paying a measly yearly fee to the city.

I find this whole food truck situation so conflicting. The community is currently trying to promote our art galleries, museums and theaters, yet we cannot get away from the focus on these food trucks. Is this what Buffalo wants to be known as? It cheapens our image once again as the beer-guzzling, fat-food eating capital of the world. It seems ludicrous that we are not offering support to the brick-and-mortar establishments that employ our people and pay hefty taxes.

Deborah Gail